lundi 17 septembre 2012

Clinton and Obama : "OK ! OK ! We surrender"

- Mr. President, Mr. President, what are your reactions about the widespread insurrection in the Middle East against America?

- Since we are surrounded, we surrender…
- But Madam the Secretary of State, you are not serious?

- Actually I’m kidding. I urge everyone to stay calm…
- Mr. President, Mr. President, what are you going to do now? Mr. President!? Why don’t you answer our questions?

- Ladies and gentlemen, quiet please. As you can see, our Nobel Peace Prize President is trying before your eyes to bring peace in the Middle East …
- Really?!?!

- Yes, all open chakras, he seeks to control by the force of his mind the tumult of all current telluric-karmic of the region.
- Uh … and you think he will succeed?

- We are confident.
- And when will we be able to ask our questions?

- Soon, very soon, but do not tell him that his Middle East policy is in ruins. This may affect his powers, as we need these days. By the way, if you could also avoid talking about the new downgrade of the U.S. credit…
by John Portuguese SIL-lips
Version pour mes amis anglophones. La Version française se trouvant  ici " c’est bon ! On se rend " 

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